• "Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world". These golden words by Mrs Maria Montessori feel so relevant and true to me as I feel proud, happy and contented seeing my child pass kindergarten with flying colours.Madhavan, my son, spent two important, beautiful and memorable years in Naval Kindergarten and it transformed him into an expressive, confident and happy child. His sensitive nature was well understood by the teachers and they steered his energy and thoughts in  a positive direction and galvanised him to action. 
      When in school, he was in his comfort zone - sharing his snacks with friends, fighting over trifles and making up with them, singing songs, participating in intra and interschool competitions and learning in the classroom. He learnt big lessons of life in a light vein.

      Keeping my child engaged, involved and acknowledged has made him a strong, smart and expressive .The appreciation of his teachers was the best incentive and accolade for him.

      I am indebted to his class teachers and all the staff of NKG for strengthening his wings and teaching him his first lessons in soaring high.


       Madhavan’s words

      Fond memories of my Naval Kindergarten

      To pinpoint one thing that made my days special at Kindergarten will be difficult. I miss going to school in the bus with my friends, the morning assembly, playing in the big park, music lessons with Rony Sir and Niya teacher…Oh! The list can go on and on. I remember our Carol Singing sessions with nostalgia, when I had to learn a Malayalam song!

      My teacher also taught us yoga and made me the Yoga Guru for the Sports Day Yoga Drill in T2 Hangar. I felt thrilled that I was responsible, gave my best and tried not to make any mistakes.  I didn't get any prize in the race though.

      The Annual day was yet another experience, and the fresh lime that we used to have during the practice sessions was unforgettable.

      I will always cherish my time at Naval Kindergarten.