• F/o Adwaith S.

      LKG – B
      Naval Kindergarten

      I am a proud father of a kid who is presently blooming in your garden. The motive behind this letter is to express my gratitude towards those personalities who nurtured my child so as to help him flourish in a beautiful manner.

      I got the opportunity to attend the lecture delivered by you on the opening day. You may have forgotten your first sentence, but it still rings in my ears. “Dear Parents, I understand your anxiety…but believe me …your children are in Safe Hands. This is my promise…” An anxious father, at that time, I thought that those were simply the formal words of an experienced teacher. Few months later I realised that my child’s world is changing.

      Ma’am my son is very naughty, but to me he is most adorable. So I always treated him casually and never bothered about his studies. But recently, I noticed a change in him – there is that spark of enthusiasm and curiosity in his eyes. He has started talking about ‘public services’ and ‘public servants’, asking questions about birds, animals, and flowers, trying to teach me about numbers, alphabets and pronunciation, saying ‘sorry’ when he commits a mistake and expressing thanks when he receives a favour from others. I was surprised and realised that my small kid is growing, and growing in the most desirable manner. My search found the source behind that magic. It is not me, Ma’am It is you, your teachers and staff, and particularly his class teacher.

      I came to know from my child that his class teacher and staff always encourages him to participate in various activities of the school and motivates him to do well. Ma’am, I am well aware of the difficulties in handling one small kid at home. By giving training to hundreds of children, you and your staff are doing a commendable job.

      I am very grateful to you, the teachers and staff for moulding the character of my child in the correct manner and leading him in the right path. I will continue to be like this only, because I know my son is in SAFE HANDS.

      Thank you very much.