T o provide quality and affordable pre-primary education to the wards of Naval fraternity.

With the perception that children learn differently and that all children are capable of learning, device a wholesome system that would cater to individual learning capabilities of all children.

To provide an educational environment tailored to basic human characteristics, to specific needs of children at different ages and to the individual personalities of each child through modern methods of teaching.

To develop and instil a sense of camaraderie and patriotism.

Quality Education

Enabling kids to develop all of their attributes

The effiency and quality of an educational institution ultimately rests on the teachers, It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that they got trained in the latest techniques and innovative methods of teaching and become aware of the need to prepare for inclusive education.

Fostering skills

To achieve the innate potential of each child

The past year has seen the school grow from strength to strength with numerous new activities introduced to make the school experience wholesome, and allow the children to explore their abilities. As a school we are unique. At various levels we face challenges every day - admissions and transfers throughout the year, long absenteeism on account of parent’s leave, language barriers and the list goes on.

Transform Schooling

To be a vehicle bringing about positive changes

Despite all these, we are trying our best to inculcate in our children values, passion for knowledge and enthusiasm to pursue multifarious activities that would sharpen their life skills, preparing them to face the ever-changing, ever evolving life scenario with ease and adaptability. We follow uniform syllabus in all the Naval KGs, keeping in mind the children who come on transfer throughout the session. Be it the basics of Science or Environmental studies, our children learn through audio-visual aids reinforced through hands on experience. ‘Learning by Doing’ is the motto.