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    • Bindu K Nair

      Bindu K Nair Headmistres

    • Bindu K Nair

      Bindu K Nair

      Antoineeee de Saint-Exupéry rightly said, “If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea”. At Naval Kindergarten, we attempt to teach the children this longing for the immense and the unexplored.

      It is an honour and privilege to be the Headmistress of Naval Kindergarten, Kochi, the school that stands for excellence and constantly sets the highest standards. Ours is an institution which fine tunes the potential of each child in an endeavour to build a holistic culture that values each child and recognizes their unique innate passion.
      The development of academic skills and the moulding of aesthetic sense are possible only in an environment which has qualified staff, is stimulating, exciting, happy and safe. We at Naval Kindergarten, Kochi, believe that it is easy to conform to an existing order, but to think, act and speak differently – ‘to colour outside the lines’ come with courage. It is this courage - to stand up for ourselves, to make a difference, to encourage others to think logically and to act with compassion - that is the essence of good upbringing. We dream of making lasting impressions and, like in the story, want to open their eyes to the immense wealth of opportunities with an ‘open sesame’. All the activities in the school – be it the assemblies, class room activities, co-curricular activities, outdoor activities or the play time in the parks –prepare children to develop their life skills, hone their potential, teach them to share, wait their turn, empathize, apologize, complement each other and groom them with finesse to be socially responsible humans. The one thing that is most needed is the support and interest of the parents as well.
      We look forward to a successful year for your child in terms of holistic growth. I wish the students, teachers and parents a very ‘Happy School Year!’..