• Fee and caution deposit are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Governing Body

    Fee is payable for all 12 months of the year. Parents have the option to deposit fee quarterly or for the whole year in advance. The last date of payment of school fee is the 10th of the due month, following which a fine of Rs 50/- will be levied up to the end of the first months, an additional sum of Rs 150/- will be levied as fine up to the end of the second months and an additional sum of Rs 300/- will be levied as fine up to the end of the second months Defaulters thereafter are required to put up a personal request to HM for further consideration.

    Any child leaving school during a month should pay the full fee for that month. Parents proceeding on long leave should apply for leave in advance and fee for the period of absence should be remitted prior to commencement of leave. The Pay-in-slip may be submitted along with the leave application for verification.

    Fee for the whole term is to be paid even if the child is admitted during the term. (Fee from April onwards will be payable for all fresh admissions till 30th Sept. of the academic year. Thereafter 6 months fee is to be paid).

    Payment of Fees will be at the counter of School Office after Online Admission

Mode of Payment

  • All parents are requested to pay fees through SBI collect or through the link given below.
  • Online Payment
    • Step 1 - Log on to www.Onlinesbi.com
    • Step 2 - www.Onlinesbi.com -> SBI collect -> Click check box and proceed
    • Step 3 - Select as follows Go to State of Institution/Corporate All India -> Go to type of Corp/Institute-> select Educational Institution -> Go to next page. Now in Educational Institution- Select Naval Kg school fund and then ‘Submit’. You will be directed to Naval KG payment portal.

Category Ad. Fee Smart board Fee (3 months) Tuition Fee (3 months) Utilization Fee Extra Curricular Activity Fee (ECA) Caution Deposit Development Fee Id Card Total
Officers & Defence Civilian 975 50x3=150 1800x3=5400 875 350 1000 600 50 9400
MCPO, CPO, PO & EX Service 975 50x3=150 1700x3=5100 875 350 1000 600 50 9100
Civilians 975 50x3=150 2300x3=6900 875 350 1300 1200 50 11800
NKG Staff 975 50x3=150 NIL 875 350 1000 600 50 4000