Co Curricular activities

Rules & Regulations
  • A child can participate in not more than four competitions.

    Participating children will be screened for the competitions and from amongst them the best five will go for interclass competitions. The rhymes recited and stories narrated from the syllabus planner will be disqualified.

    Each child will be judged for salutation, introduction (common for all)

    • 1. Solo Song: Any regional language song, tune, voice modulation, clarity & confidence. Maximum time: 3 min.
    • 2. Rhymes: Rhymes with good themes, proper action, expressions, clarity & Confidence. Maximum time: 3 min.
    • 3. Story: Stories with good morals, clarity, voice modulation, actions & expressions, confidence. Maximum time: 3 min.
    • 4. Clay moulding: Use only clay. Paper plates will be provided by the school. Child should make standing models only. Models with theme will be preferred. Maximum time: 1 hour
    • 5. Pick & Speak: Small objects which the child sees in his every day will be provided on the spot. The child can speak in English or Hindi for a maximum time of 3 min.
    • 6. Drawing and colouring: Use only pencil, crayons and colouring pencils. Drawings which depict any theme that is relevant to the child. Maximum time: 1 hour.
    • 7. Calligraphy: The child has to copy the passage from the board in neat handwriting, on the given four- line sheet. Maximum time: 20 min.

Date Day Literary Competitions & Sports Events
19-07-2017 Wednesday Solo Song Selection
26-07-2017 Wednesday Solo Song Competition
02-08-2017 Wednesday Hindi Rhyme Selection
09-08-2017 Wednesday Hindi Rhyme Competition
23-08-2017 Wednesday English Rhyme Selection
30-08-2017 Wednesday English Rhyme Competition
07-09-2017 Thursday Clay Moulding Selection
12-10-2017 Thursday Clay Moulding Competition
16-10-2017 Monday Drawing Selection
25-10-2017 Wednesday Drawing Competition
28-10-2017 Saturday Hand-in-Hand
01-11-2017 Wednesday Threading the Beads Selection
08-11-2017 Wednesday Threading the Beads Competition
22-11-2017 Wednesday Hindi Story Telling Selection
27-11-2017 Monday Hindi Story Telling Competition
30-11-2017 Thursday English Story Telling Selection
01-12-2017 Friday Quiz Elimination
06-12-2017 Wednesday English Story Telling Competition
12-12-2017 Tuesday Quiz
14-12-2017 Thursday Prize Distribution
Date Day Literary Competitions & Sports Events
04-07-2017 Tuesday Solo Song Selection
11-07-2017 Tuesday Solo Song Competition
18-07-2017 Tuesday Drawing Selection
25-07-2017 Tuesday Clay Moulding Selection
01-08-2017 Tuesday Drawing Competition
10-08-2017 Thursday Clay Moulding Competition
22-08-2017 Tuesday Hindi Rhyme Selection
29-08-2017 Tuesday Hindi Rhyme Competition
06-09-2017 Wednesday English Rhyme Selection
12-09-2017 Tuesday English Rhyme competition
10-10-2017 Tuesday Hindi Story Selection
18-10-2017 Wednesday Hindi Story Competition
24-10-2017 24-10-2017 English Story Selection
28-10-2017 Saturday Hand-in-Hand
31-10-2017 Tuesday English Story Competition
22-11-2017 Wednesday Quiz Elimination
23-11-2017 Thursday Pick & Speak/ Calligraphy Selection
29-11-2017 Wednesday Quiz
05-12-2017 Tuesday Pick & Speak/ Calligraphy Competition
13-12-2017 Wednesday Prize Distribution